Here’s Where You Will (and Won’t) Run Into Problems If You’re Using CBD


CBD is a cannabis product, which makes it related to marijuana and the chemical that makes that plant popular (THC). Because of this, CBD sometimes gets a bad rap that isn’t deserved. Here, we’ll step you through the good, the bad, and the ugly with regards to whether using the product will land you in hot water.

Buying CBD

Most CBD comes from the hemp plant. It’s similar to marijuana but doesn’t have nearly enough THC to get you high, and the CBD produced from hemp reflects this. Recently, the government made this connection and passed legislation to make hemp (and, by extension, CBD) legal. So you can buy it just about anywhere. Anywhere, that is, except for Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota. 

Owning CBD

You can get away with possessing CBD products in most places for the same reasons you can get away with buying it. And you’ll run into problems having it on your person in Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota for the same reason: it’s not legal in those states. Outside of those three, though, it’s legal, and you can stockpile as much as you want can afford.

Shipping CBD

Along those same lines, you can ship it (or have it shipped) anywhere it’s legal, meaning any state but the above-mentioned three. So you can buy it online, send some to a friend, or otherwise put it in the mail or on a plane. 

Going to Work on CBD

Because the majority of CBD products come from hemp rather than Marijuana, they contain 0.3% or less of THC. Not only does this mean you won’t get high, it means you aren’t likely to show up on most drug tests, because they lack the sensitivity to detect the THC. This isn’t a guarantee, though, as different employers use different tests.

Doing Sports on CBD

Sporting organizations, on the other hand, tend to use very sensitive tests compared to employers, and CBD users can come up positive for marijuana use on these tests. As most of these organizations tend to be harsh on drug use, you may find it difficult to explain your way out of testing positive for even trace amounts of THC.

Going to Church on CBD

Disclaimer: we don’t speak for any religious organization. That said, hemp and marijuana are different species the same way that grizzlies and polar bears are, and the products made from those plants reflect this. You need to look no further than the U.S. government for confirmation: hemp products (including CBD) are not classified as drugs the way marijuana products are. 

We can’t guarantee that the lady who sits in the first pew named Karen won’t look at you sideways if she overhears you talking about it, but if anyone in your congregation doubts your piety, we’ll vouch for you.

Bottom Line

CBD (and hemp products generally) are very different from marijuana products. They share a genetic heritage, but the end results have little in common. So don’t stress that you’ll wind up in jail because you’re using CBD to manage your anxiety. And if you are stressing about it, CBD can probably help with that. 

For more information on the kind of trouble CBD can get you into (and out of), contact the experts at Keen Leaf.