CBD Improving Your Performance in the Gym, Daily Life

In recent years, CBD has been a dark horse in the wellness world. In what seems to have been the blink of an eye, it went from, “What is CBD?”, to being featured in high-end supplement shops all across the country. Today, CBD is available in a vast array of shapes and styles including: lotions, tinctures, capsules, baked goods, coffee and even pet food. The market is booming and you’ve likely heard evidence of CBD in one form or another helping someone with pain relief, recovery, sleep, or stress. Athletes in particular, are starting to turn heads at its wonder-like properties. You may be asking yourself, “Whats the big idea with this CBD? And how can I consider it as a key component of my nutrition, training and recovery regime?”.

The CBD Or THC Debate

CBD is a cannabinoid, but not the one that creates the high you associate with inhaling or ingesting marijuana—that’s THC. While full spectrum CBD products will typically contain small amounts of THC, to be legally sold across the U.S., CBD oils must contain less than 0.03%THC, which is well below the necessary amount to produce any psychoactive response. Broad spectrum CBD products and CBD isolates have no detectable THC at all.

Science discovered a few decades ago that the human body naturally produces cannabinoids, and, in fact, has an entire network within the nervous system called the endocannabinoid system (nice work, Science!). CBD binds to receptors in that system and scientists believe they act as a neurotransmitter. Studies show that CBD supports reduced inflammation, calms nervous reactions to stimuli, reduces anxiety, and prompts healthy brain function. There’s even a CBD-based drug approved by the FDA to treat epileptic seizures. What makes it particularly effective for athletes are the aforementioned anti-inflammatory properties.

Keen Leaf Daily Balance CBD Tincture

Check out our topicals for more information about relief of aches, pain and even the anxiety of going to the gym.

Overdo it on a run? Calves barking after a tough hike? A daily CBD supplement can help, but get right to the source with a topical like Keen Leaf Body Lotion, which adds capsaicin, and arnica in a gel form that can be quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. Massage into sore muscles to help you relax.

Keen Leaf Sports Body Comfort CBD Capsules

Even if you’re not crushing it in the gym, trail, or pool every week, the daily wear and tear of sitting at desks or working around the house or chasing kids can still be helped by a full spectrum capsule like  Loaded with the herbal extract Boswellia for joint health and muscle support, it—like most CBD products—has the additional benefit of easing occasional stress and anxiety, and supporting sleep hygiene. Check out our topicals for more information about relief of aches, pain and even the anxiety of going to the gym.

Gaining the full benefits of CBD requires an understanding of which products work best for your system. But product lines like Keen Leaf offers a variety of combinations and delivery mechanisms to help you identify what works best to improve your performance at the gym, in the outdoors, or just throughout your day-to-day life.