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Meet Jenny - CBD Farmer

Growing up in a large-scale agriculture family, my grandfather started a dairy and turkey farm. As he got older, my Dad took over the turkey farm and expanded to grain farming as well. They expanded to the growth of corn and soybeans. So, even at a very young age, my siblings and I were taught about raising animals and farming large scale agriculture.

About 4 years ago I was introduced to Hemp by my extremely talented husband. He is also an entrepreneur, centering one of several of his businesses around building and cultivating a very prosperous Engineering & Lighting Firm. Many of their clients are in in fact related to the cannabis industry in one capacity or another. After observing the growing industry, the quality of the product on the market (or lack there of in cases), and a clear view of cleaner, more effective CBD products; Keen Leaf just made more sense than starting your day with a healthy breakfast, or a daily vitamin. As the CBD (or hemp plant) market continues its growth and popularity in medical studies, we felt it only right to help those in need with the highest quality products possible. 

Too often consumers are provided with a less than average-level product, let alone a pure, non-GMO, CBD solution, which our products clearly provide. With that in mind we felt the only course of action was to open our first female owned and operated facility, moved Keen Leaf into a 20,000 square foot greenhouse and that where I began overseeing the growing process, applying my  background with agriculture on a larger much scale.

The Best CBD Products Are Cultivated Indoor

Early Stages Of Hemp Growth For CBD Production

Keen Leaf's Only Focus - Quality Over Quantity 

You really can't think of a better place to be then inside our greenhouse. It often reminds me of all the years I spent in the outdoors (those who also spent a large portion of their life learning about everything from plants to animals you'd imagine common on a farm. That said, it's far more challenging to dictate the environment, (temperature, insects, and more). Additionally, the near-mantra of Keen Leaf is that indoor (or greenhouse) growth is far more controlled while still just as organic (minus insects and other unwanted factors). The benefits are far superior within our highly controlled environment.

We still practice the best principles and methodologies in our organic process as we would outdoor; we still use organic, nutrient-rich soil in a systematic manner. We start all the plants with feminized seeds in four inch pots pf raised tables. The germination process from there is roughly 4-7 days on average (before you begin to see each plant surface through the soil/dirt. From there, we monitor each plant's daily growth and health. Each of our plants remain in the four inch pots until they show 4 nodes, are roughly 5-6 inches tall before transplanting them carefully to the main greenhouse.

Keen Leaf Hemp Plant Growing Tip: Before transplanting, we prep the soil with turkey manure, kelp, alfalfa and additional nutrients necessary to produce premium and or maximum results. Each area of soil is tested mind you, as consistency is key or "keen'" lol.

In each row we regularly produce roughly 75 plants, its own state-of-the-art irrigation system and each plant is separated by no less than 3 feet. Additionally, we not only have drip rings around each plant but, we regularly check for any variances. After planting in our nutrient rich soil, each seed will generally "stay in veg" for roughly four weeks, with no less than 16 hours of sunlight. Just two weeks prior to flipping the flower, we cut the 3 to 5 nodes from each hemp plant. Another trade secret of Keen Leaf; if this procedure is performed correctly each would nearly double in size, primarily based on increased airflow within the bottom of the canopy.


Medium Sized Hemp Plants Before CBD Harvesting Process Begins

Our Best Method Yet For Growth Rate Extraction & Potency 

When the plants are in flower is when it is the most exciting. Here they would get no more than 12 hours of sunlight. They would grow 12-18 inches in the first 3 weeks. It was insane, it felt like you could see them grow! They would start to develop pistols after the first 2 weeks and then the pistols would start turning to buds/flowers. The flowers would gain the most density in the last 2-3 weeks. After 8-9 weeks of flowering the plant is ready to be harvested. I hand harvested each row with totes and hung dry the buds on nets, when the plant was at the right moisture content I would remove from the nets and store in drums until they were fully cured.

Curing & Cultivating Hemp Flower For Sale & Extract

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And that is it, the flower in now ready to go out to the consumer. I’ve hired people to trim buds and have sold to retailers that way and I have machine trimmed and sold it to consumers that way as well. It really depends who the buyer is and how they would like the finished product.